Howdy. My name is Garrey C. Dunn, Jr. and I am the Family History Geek. My mission is to create and support a community of Family History enthusiasts who want to share their stories not only with family and friends, but others. Whether you are a seasoned genealogical researcher or a budding family historian, my goal is to build a group full of camaraderie, encouragement, interest, and learning.

We will not only look at ways to capture family stories, but also ways to save and present them to be enjoyed today and in the future by our families, friends, and descendants. Some of these techniques may be new and unorthodox, but my goal is to provide a way for these memories to live on even after we are no longer here to care for them. Hopefully, we can find someone interested in picking up the torch and continue our work, but, if not, it will not be lost.

As I see it, one of the most tragic things that can happen today is for the precious memories and life lessons of a loved one to fade away because we did not take the time or the effort to listen to their stories and publish them for others to enjoy. Our ancestors have experienced a lot in their lifetime and have wisdom and knowledge worth passing along to others. It is our responsibility not to let this wealth of information die with their passing.

I hope this brief introduction has sparked a fire in you to either start or continue to capture your family history and piqued your interest into some of the new and interesting ways to share it.

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